Thursday, January 21, 2010

"Small" World... (especially in the miniature horse business!)

We received an email today from Fitzpatrick Farms regarding one of our broodmares, Kentucky Sunshine (see right). Apparently they own Kentucky's sire, who is now a gelding but had sired three foals before and they are looking for them. It's always fun to connect with others in your "horse family", isn't it?

Btw, please be sure to give Miss Kentucky a break right here as she had JUST had a baby girl when this photo was taken -- you can even see a wet little leg off to the right side... She's a pretty, pretty lady! We've had 3 foals out of her (she's an absolute dream in the birthing process -- so easy), have sold 1 and still have the other 2...

On the left is a picture sent to us of McSperitt Cutter's Inspiration (aka "Mini-Me"), Kentucky's daddy, by Ashton Fitzpatrick of Fitzpatrick Farms. I definitely see the resemblance in those beautiful big doe eyes!


  1. Glen Oaks Farm,
    What a catchy title!! I'm so glad that I found you and your beautiful mare, KENTUCKY SUNSHINE over the internet. Thank you SO much for the beautiful pictures and please do keep in touch and send along any more! Sincerely,
    Ashton Fitzpatrick & "Mini-Me"

  2. We definitely will -- it was a real treat to hear from y'all!